Small Training Update

The image we see every time we lift at CrossFit Durham:

[image via Iron Mind]

Nemo and I continue to work through Glenn Pendlay’s Beginner Template trying to get monster thighs like Pyrros Dimas above.  None of us in the gang are true beginners, but we’ve never tried specializing in Olympic Weightlifting either.  (A little humility in a sport that takes about a decade to master is advisable.)

I maintain that this program is great for beginners and/or CrossFitters, but it hasn’t been all smooth sailing.  Ashley is temporarily sidelined with a shoulder injury and I’m dealing with an ouchy knee.  Who knows what actually caused these ailments.  Could be high volume, poor form, inadequate recovery, etc.

I suspect my knee problem occurred last Monday during some fast downhill sprints indirectly related to my strength training.  Curiously, Nemo shows no sign of weakness.  He’s either on ‘the sauce‘ or his tough guy persona is masking his pain.  I suspect it could be both.

All in all, I love this system.  Olympic lifts make me feel powerful and coordinated, even though I’m probably not much of either.

We’ve amassed at least 30 videos, so I’ll try to post more frequently and include those along with some commentary here and there.

Get strong.



Lifting Videos

Our workout on 01-06-11 started with a Snatch related Barbell Complex.

With ~80% of our 1-rep maximum we performed two snatch-grip high-pulls followed by a low-hang snatch.


Next, we worked on full Clean & Jerks.




1/6/2011 Workout 1

Exercise 1: Snatch x 1 x 10

Exercise 2: Clean Hang Pull + Hang Clean (knee) (2+1) x 5

Exercise 3: Front Squat x 5 x 3

Accessory Work: 21 – 15 – 9 Box jumps, push-ups

Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Phil “Yoke”
125 lbs (56.8 kgs) 160 lbs (72.7 kgs) 185 lbs 4:19 minutes
125 lbs (56.8 kgs) 160 lbs (72.7 kgs) 185 lbs
155 lbs 185 lbs